Kathi Oram Peterson
Kathi Oram Peterson

Thank you for visiting my website. I love meeting my fans, but since Iím not actually here at this very minute, please come say hi by clicking on my ďContactĒ page. Iíd love for you to join me on Facebook, Twitter, or you can follow what Iím doing, read some of my writing tips or enjoy an interview with an author or book review on my blog.

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Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up a small town in Idaho. I love my hometown where the drug store still has a soda fountain and where people wave hello to strangers. Iíve worked on my writing for years and years and years. Along the way I won a few contests, earned my BA in English and finally started selling my books. Iím very humbled to see my manuscripts turn into actual novels. To learn more about each book, please click the cover. Thanks for stopping by.

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As you may have noticed on my sidebar I have another new novel. Wanted is my third romantic suspense. River Whispers and Cold Justice had the same main characters, which was fun and Iím hopeful to write a third with them, but Wanted has a different cast. New characters. New setting. I hope youíll click on the book cover and learn more about this exciting new novel.

Right now, Iím working on two other romantic suspense books: Deception and Shadowed. Iíd tell you a little about these new works-in-progress but they are very fluid right now. Who knows, I might change my mind about how the novels will end, who will live, and who will die. Oh, the joys of writing!

I wanted to remind everyone that my primary updates happen on my blog Kathi's Writing Nook. See you there!