An Angel on Main Street


Micah Connors, and eleven-year-old boy who has been in and out of trouble since his father died in the Korean war, now has a chance to start over in this new town he, his mother and little sister have moved to. Things are finally going right until he happens upon his new friend who needs his help, which results in the town's sheriff escorting Micah home. Will he tell Micah's mother about this new trouble or will the discovery of a nativity being built several pieces at a time by an ominous do-gooder divert the officer?

More trouble with Micah is the last thing his mother needs for not only is Dawn Connors desperate to provide for her little family, but her daughter, Annie, is very ill. When Micah tells Annie about the rustic structure being built in the center of town, she is certain unseen angels are building it and when the baby Jesus arrives He will make her better. Worried for Annie, Micah vows to find the nativity builder and bring the baby Jesus to her, even though it will only be a doll. Making Annie better is uppermost in his mind. But in his quest Micah learns angels are nearer then he ever would have believed.